Ultra Low Power High Stability Miniature OCXO
The МХО37 series utilizes the internal heating resonator technology (IHR) with arrangement of the oven system together with the crystal plate inside the TO-8 vacuum holder. Such approach results in radical reduction of the OCXO sizes, power consumption and warm-up time. The MXO37/14 and MXO37_14S (SMD) models have DIP14 compatible sizes and pins-out. The oscillators provide extraordinary combination of tiny sizes and extremely low power consumption with superb frequency stability and very low phase-noise level. Fundamental operation at up to 150 MHz enables very low spurious level in the output spectra and thereby substantial reduction of the phase jitter. That makes the MXO37/14 oscillators a very attractive solution for UHF synthesizers and other portable microwave applications.
Basic electrical parameters
Very Low Power Consumption: 90 mW at +25°C
High Stability: up to ±10 ppb -40°C to 85°C
Fast Warming-up to 30 s
Low Phase Noise: -172 dBc/Hz floor
Low Aging: 0.1 ppb/day, 15 ppb/year
Wide Frequency range: 8 – 150 MHz
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Best achievable phase noise

10 MHz16.384 MHz20 MHz25 MHz40 MHz50 MHz62 MHz100 MHz131.6 MHz141.42 MHz