20x20x14 mm

Miniature Ultra High Stability Ultra Low power OCXO
The МХО37/R model is built on advanced internally heated resonator (IHR) technology providing combination of very low power consumption and small sizes with outstanding frequency stability in wide temperature range that is unachievable with usage of conventional OCXO designs. The unique parameters of the oscillators make it very prospective for application in various high-end portable (especially battery supplied) equipment demanding superb frequency stability at minimal power consumption and smallest sizes.
Basic electrical parameters
Miniature 5 ccm packaging
Power consumption: <90 mW
High stability - to ± 5x10-10 over -40 to+85°C
Low aging rate - to ± 1x10-10/day, 1.5x10-8/year
Low Allan variance value – up to 3x10-12/1s
Frequency range: 5 to 150 MHz
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Best achievable phase noise

10 MHz16.384 MHz20 MHz25 MHz40 MHz50 MHz62 MHz100 MHz131.6 MHz141.42 MHz