2014 April, Microwae Journal, Vol. 57, No. 4 "Utmost OCXO Solutions Based on the IHR Technology" Abramzon I. & Tapkov V.

Changes in ambient temperature significantly affect crystal oscillator frequency stability due mainly to the frequency vs. temperature characteristic of the crystal resonator. Frequency stability of the oscillator can be greatly improved by using an oven-control system that accurately maintains the temperature of the resonator and its sustaining circuitry. But very high stability of an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) is attained at the expense of a relatively large size/high power oven to maintain the temperature of a packaged resonator, while oscillator circuitry is poorly isolated from the environment. Although there have been improvements in the basic performance of high-end OCXOs over recent years, the power consumption and packaging size of even the most advanced designs have remained at about 1 W and 5 cm3.

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