Magic Xtal Ltd.

Magic Xtal Ltd. was founded in 2001 as a research and production enterprise entirely dedicated to development and manufacturing of advanced Oven Control Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) intended for domestic and the world market. Nowadays the company possesses considerable portfolio of unique OCXO products which have become indispensable solutions for many customers in Russia and all over the world.

Magic Xtal is a pioneer in creation of miniature ultra-low power high stability OCXOs based on the internally heated resonators and remains the world leader in development and fabrication of these extraordinary and very popular devices.
The company is located in Omsk city - large industrial center of Russia situated in Western Siberia. It owns about 1100 sq. m production area accommodating full range facilities for large-scale manufacture of all kind OCXOs from the crystal blank stage.

Staff of the company comprises about 80 workers with strong experience in the industry including 9 engineers with Ph.D. and Master degrees in the field.

Quality of Magic's OCXO products is insured by own unique technologies, reliable manufacturing processes with every-step test procedures and long operation run before shipment as well as by effective QC system operating in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

ISO Certificate Assessment of workplaces